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I've put together a little list of faucet sites, feel free to use them as you see fit.

These are in fact websites that do pay you real valid crypto currencies.
I'll try to keep the list up to date and eliminate sites that don't pay anymore.
But before you get excited of getting rich, they pay only VERY tiny amounts, on the order of a few cents a day or so.
This is fun to do and an easy way to check out for free how crypto currencies work, but only if you have nothing better to do, for making money it's really useless.

Name URL Description Protection Last Payout
Cointiply https://cointiply.com/ Requires signup with valid e-mail address.
Requires a Bitcoin wallet address.
Payout upon request for accounts with at least $3 in them, which will be paid out in Satoshis or Doge.
Note: The faucet isn't visible until you have registered and signed in.
Note 2: They pay 5% annual interest on balances over $3.50, that's why I rarely make a withdraw from there, I accumulate several $100 to gain interest on it before I take it out.
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TimeBucks https://timebucks.com/ Requires signup with valid e-mail address.
Requires a Bitcoin wallet address or a Paypal account.
A load of things, from a small faucet over surveys up to watching ads for money.
Payout automatic for accounts with $10 in them, which will be paid out the following thursday.
Gives $1 signup bonus.
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BTCPop https://btcpop.co/ Requires signup with valid e-mail address.
A load of junk coins to claim, but pays a huge 30% interest on your balance.
I suggest you claim 404 coin, which seems to be the only reliable one.
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Cryptomininggame https://cryptomininggame.com/ This is too much to explain here.
It's a game, meaning it simulates mining, but it doesn't use your computers power but rather the usual stuff other faucets have, like ads and shortlinks.
It's extremely entertaining, highly addictive and it pays very well.
Of course you will have to invest a few days to build up some hash power in the game, meaning on start it doesn't pay much, but the longer you play this, the more it pays.
It does have a very high payout minimum, but once you're past level 10, you'll get there quickly.
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Free Bitcoin https://freebitco.in/ Requires signup with valid e-mail address.
Requires a Bitcoin wallet address.
Pays in a kind of lottery, between 0.00000016 and 0.016 BTC once per hour.
(May vary depending on BTC course.)
Payout automatic or upon request for values over 0.0003 Bitcoin with a small fee.
(Different fees upon payout request and automatic payout.)
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